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*** Before reading part 5 of this fanfic ,I'd like you to read part 1,2,3 & 4 so you understand the story . Link for Part 1,2,3 & 4 in description . If you already read Parts 1,2,3 & 4,then , Enjoy Part 5 ***

And you all fell asleep .


Next morning you wake up first. You look around to see the girls sleeping all over the room . You sigh ,with a smile on your face . You quickly remeber you put your phone under the pillow last night . You check it .

You thinking : A message ... Who could it be from ?

You check the message but the phone number of the person who sent you the message was hidden . You smile .

??? : -You've got a surprise waiting for you in front og the door-

You : ''Hmmm ? I wonder ...'' you said as you got up .

You put a long T-shirt on you and go to check the door . When you open it you see a small present in front of your feet . You pick it up and go back in the apartement . You go in the kitchen and open it . You gasp ,then smile . It was a necklace with the words ''I-♥-U'' on it . You put it around your neck ,then you start to finger it ,wondering who could it be from . You turn your head towards the calendar which was hanging on the wall.

You : ''It's THE day ....'' you mutter to yoursef .

You hear a person knocking at the door.

You : ''I'm coming !'' you whisper ,not wanting to wake up the sleeping girls .

You open the door . Your eyes widen to see the person in front of you was Sasuke .

Sasuke : Mornin' ... Have I disturbed you ?

You : ''N-no ... I just woke up . P-please come in .'' you said as you invited him in .

You take him to the kitchen .

You : Are you hungry ?

Sasuke : ''No ...'' he said but his stomach 'growled'

You : ''I think your stomach says something else ...'' you say as you start laughing .

He was staring at you ,smiling . He was looking at your laughing . As you were preparing 2 bowls of cereals , he got up and hugged you from behind . You blush ,to see his hands around your waist . He turns you around so you were facing him . He stared at the necklace you were wearing . You tried to hide it .

Sasuke : That's a nice necklace you're wearing ...

You thinking : Heck ... I'd really like to know who's the person who gave me this necklace ...
You : T-thanks .

Sasuke : Who gave it to you ? Do you know ?

You : N- no ...

Sasuke : ''Did you check the back of the ' ♥' symbol ?'' he asked fingering it .

You check . Behind was written 'With love ,Sasuke'' . Your eyes get teary .

Sasuke : Don't you like it ?

You : ''No ... I love it .'' you said as you hugged him .

He hugged back .

Sasuke : Do you want to finish what we started yesterday ?

You : ''What ?'' you asked confused .

Sasuke : We were disturbed by Kiba  ... don't you remember ?

You thinking : Haa !? The kiss ... Sasuke , so you really want to kiss me ?
You : ''S-sure'' you said blushing heavily .

He noticed you blush . He was hugging you from behind now .You leaned your head on his chest ad he started to approach . He was getting closer ,closer ,closer ...

Temari : ''Morning...'' she said ,wiping her eyes .

You and Sasuke stopped , JUST before kissing . You both stare at Temari and Temari stares back .

Temari : Am I still sleeping ?

Ino : Temari-chan ... where is ______ ?

TenTen : _____ ?!

Temari : ''She's here !'' shouting from the kitchen .

All the girls come in the kitchen and stare at you and Sasuke . You pull away from Sasuke's hug .

You : I... I can explain !

Sakura : Soooo ...

You : ''Well -'' you were interrupted by the door bell ringing.

You go answer it . The girls start to interrogate Sasuke .

Ino : So ... did you kiss her ?

Sasuke : ''We were about to kiss when somebody came in the kitchen ...'' he said looking at Temari .

Temari : ''Ahahaha ... I'm sorry guys .'' she said while putting her hand on her head .

You shout . Everyone rushed to the door . You and some of your shadow clones were holding the door .

Hinata : W-what happened ? Why did you shout ?

Temari : ''Are you OK ?'' she said worried while approaching you .

You : ''Fangirls ...'' you said glancing at Sasuke . ''Next time you come ,just be more carefull!'' you yell at him.

You simply hate fangirls , and just having them in front of YOUR door annoyed you . You didn't really meant yelling ,but you were frustrated .

Sasuke : ''It's not my fault they're crazy!'' he yelled back .

You : ''Then why don't you give them what they want !?!'' you yelled annoyed .

Sasuke : ''W-what do you mean ?'' he asked saddned .

Ino : _____-chan .... If they get Sasuke they won't give him back ... They're to obssesed.

You : ''Like you and Sakura were  ?...'' you asked smirking .

Sakura : O-oi ... well ,somehow ...

You get off the door and let the clones hold it a little bit longer . You transform into Sasuke . He glared .

Sasuke : What do you think you're doing ?

You : Saiving you ,you fool !

Sasuke : Huh ?

You thinking : I can't believe I'm doing this ....
You : So ... I'm going out like this and let the fangirls chase me for a bit ,while you run  where the boys are ...

Sasuke : What do you mean 'where the boys are ' ?

You : ''I know you had a boys party ...'' you said ,rolling your eyes .

He nodded . You got out and let the girls chase you . You saw Sasuke leaving .

You thinking : I hope you reach there , you silly ....

After running for better then 30 minutes , you lost your shirt so you rushed back to the apartement , leaving the fangirls confused .

Temari : You're back ...

You : ''Yeah ...'' you said as you transformed back .

TenTen : Girls ... look what date it is today .

All the girls ,besides you , look at the calendar . You smile .

Sakura : The festival !!

You : We gotta go shopping girls ...

Temari : You bet we must .

After 1 hour of dressing up , eating breakfast ,brushing your hair and cleaning up the rooms you go out . You were with Temari ,in her car . Hinata was with TenTen ,in TenTen's car . Sakura was with Ino , in Ino's car . When you arrive to the Mall ,you see the girls waiting for you . You go in and walk around for 5 hours . You found a very nice red yukata , with blue and purple hearts on it . It was very expensive too ,but you started to like it so you finally bought it . Sakura bought a pink yukata with white flowers on it .Ino bought a yellow yukata , with orange dots on it .Hinata bought a light blue yukata ,with white clouds on it .TenTen bought a grass green youkata , with 'kunai' shaped prints on it .Temari bought a black yukata , with purple butterflies on it . You also bought some accesories which matched the yukata .
You returned to the apartement to get ready . You put on the yukata .The girls stare at you .

Temari : You're ... so ... beautiful .

You : ''Really ? Thanks ...'' you said smiling and blushing at the same time .

You tie up your hair and put some accesoried in it . The accesories were hanging , like coming out of your hair . You then got a red fan . The girls got ready too .

You : Are we ready ?

Hinata : Y-yeah
Temari : Hell yeah !
Ino : Mhm
Sakura : Of course !
TenTen : Sure !

You left . Again ,you went with Temari ,Hinata with TenTen and Sakura with Ino . It was 7 p.m. You arrive at the festival with no problems . You get out the car and stare .

You : This is like a dream ...

Temari : Indeed .

You looked for the rest of the girls when your telephone rings . It was Sakura .

You : -Yeah Sakura ?-

Sakura : -Me,Ino ,TenTen and Hinata are with the boys .-

You : -Oh ,... I see ...-

Ino : -We are near a restaurant called ''Dango's and sweets'' -

Temari :-We'll be there in 10 minutes .-

TenTen : -We are waiting .-

You : -Sakura ,is Sasuke there ?- you mumble .

Sasuke : -Yes I am .-

You blushed while you closed your phone . Temari started to laugh .You hold her arm .Temari and you arrive at the restaurant . You enter it . A waiter bumped into you , both falling . You look at him and realize he was as old as you and the 2 of you were going at the same highschool . He had black hair with a red tuft on one side . He had deep blue eyes (bluer than Naruto's) ,he was smart ,strong ... a good student ,and he had a crush on you .His name was Yaris .

Yaris : I'm sorry ma'am .

You : Yaris ... it's me , _____.

He gasped and looked at you . You smiled .

You : Are you working here ?

Yaris : ''Well ... somehow'' he said putting his hand behind his head . ''A table for 2 ?'' he asked .

You : ''No . We are with them .'' you said pointing at your friends .

Yaris looked and saw Sasuke glancing at him .

Yaris : Why is Sasuke glancing at me ?

You : ''I really don't know .'' you said as you started to laugh .

Sasuke glanced at Yaris with a death glare . Yaris freaked out .You went in front of Yaris ,going towards the table . As walking ,you slipped... right into Yaris' arms . Sasuke gets up . He rushed towards you and helped you get up ,but he didn't help Yaris . You pull away and help Yaris get up . Sasuke glared at Yaris again . He wanted to start a fight but you glanced at Sasuke . You both went to the table ,and sat away from each other . You sat near Kiba , so you could make Sasuke jealous . The boys were wearing dark blue yukata's . Then , Sakura notices Karin etering the restaurant . She looked at you ,then moved her eyes towards the door . You looked too .You saw Karin . You look at the girls and all of you sigh . The boys stare at you .

Shikamaru : Is everything OK ,babe ?

Temari : ''N-not really '' she said looking at you .

You were already glaring at Karin . Karin noticed you . Then she saw Sasuke . She blushed . She went towards the table.Sasuke also noticed you glaring at Karin and she glaring back .

You thinking : I won't let you have him !

Karin thinking : He's mine bitch .

She went to Sasuke and kissed his cheek . You turn away . She smirked ,then whispered something in Sasuke's ear .Sasuke looked at you and you looked back . Karin showed Sasuke the necklace he gave you . You check your neck . The necklace Karin was holding was yours .

Karin : I found this on the floor .

You : Give it back !

Karin : Oh ! First you throw it away and now you want it back .

You : I didn't throw it away !

Karin : ''Then why was it on the floor?!'' she yelled .

You : It might've falled .

Sasuke got up and left . You followed him .You were outside the restaurant, just a few steps away from him.

Sasuke : If you didn't want the necklace you should've told me .

You : Sasuke ,I swear , it fell .

Sasuke : I don't know what to believe . First you flirt with that boy ,Yaris , and now this ...

You : ''You just prooved me ,Sasuke, that you don't believe me .'' you said as your eyes get watery . ''Is this how much you love me?'' you asked crying .

Sasuke : I ... I really like you ... but ...

You thinking : 'Like'  ? He said 'like' ...

You started to cry harder . You went back in the restaurant ,trying to hide the fact that you were crying . Karin left ,of course , after Sasuke . You sat at the table . Temari hugged you .

Temari : ''Let it all out ...'' she said as she started to pat you back .

You started to cry . Yaris came over .

Yaris : What's wrong ?

You : ''That ... stupid ... Uchiha '' you said while crying .

Kiba : ''Did he reject you ?'' he asked ,angry enough to kill a person .

You : N-not really ...

Ino : It's complicated .

Naruto : Did they do it ?

Sakura : N-no ! Naruto ...

You : ''It ... It's OK guys '' you said forcing yourself to smile .

You then look to the restaurant's door ,and see Sasuke entering with Karin . Yaris took them to the table next to you . You look to the ground . Kiba put his arms around your waist . You were to sad to pull away ,so you leaned on his chest . That made Sasuke react a little bit. Your smile faded away . Kiba kissed your forehead and hold you tighter . Sasuke was annoyed .

Sasuke thinking : Is she already making out with another guy ?

You thinking : Sasuke ... why are you doing this to me ?

Tears started to fall from your eyes . You saw the necklace Sasuke gave you around Karin's neck . You felt like someone stabbed yor heart . Temari noticed it too . She got up and went to Sasuke .She slapped him . You got up and started to stroke Sasuke's cheek . Temari looked at you . You were suffering . Sasuke also looked at you . Karin was really annoyed .

Karin : You know ... I can also take care of my boyfriend .

You : ''B- ... boyfriend ?'' you asked with a shaky voice .

Sasuke stared at you . His eyes were saying 'sorry' . You went back to your table .

You : ''C-can we leave ?'' you asked ,sad .

Kiba : ''Sure ...'' he said as he grabbed your hand .

You left holding hands . Sasuke stared at you .

Yaris : I hope you'll feel better _____-chan .

You : Thanks Yaris .... Thank you for also helping me ...

Yaris blushed .

Temari : Yaris ... you have any feelings for ______?

Yaris : N-no ... ummm...

Ino : You like her ,don't you .

He's face turned maroon .

You : Yaris ... You know we are friends ... why didn't you tell me you like me ?

Gaara : You know ______ ,it's not that easy for a guy to confess to a girl .

You : You did it Gaara ?

He blushed and shook his head .

You : ''Then you don't know if it's hard or not . If the person really likes the other person ,then it'll do anything for the loved one .'' you said ,Sasuke also hearing .

You kissed Yaris on the cheek .

You : ''When you have enough  courage , look for me . But try faster ,or you could be late .'' you said before you left .

He blushed and nodded .You smiled and left . You felt much better . Kiba was still holding your hand . You snuggled in his chest . Sasuke was following you .
You see a karaoke scene and look at Temari . She glanced at you and you started to laugh .

Temari : You still owe me one ...

You : I know ...

Kiba : What ? ...

You : ''Nothing ...'' you said as you were laughing .

Temari : ''It's your turn ...'' she said as she smirked .

You : ''It's not . You didn't even signed me ...'' you said as you smirked back .

Announcer :  ______ is invited on the scene !

You : '' But how ?'' you asked panicked

Ino : I sent Neji and TenTen to sign you up.

You : ''You gotta be kiding me ...'' you said as you sighed .

You were looking annoyed at Temari as she was laughing . You went on the scene . You looked at the crowd and saw Sasuke and Karin . You blush heavily . You started to sing ,looking at Sasuke .

You : ''You're on the phone with your girlfriend ,she's upset .
She's going off about something that you said
'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do

I'm in the room ,it's a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like
And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts , I wear T-shirts
She's Cheer Capatin and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along , so why can't you see ?
You belong with me , you belong  with me

Walking the streets with you and your worn-out jeans
I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on a park bench , thinking to myself
Hey , isn't this easy ?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I haven't seen it in a while since she brought you down
You say you're fine ,I know you better than that
Hey , what ya doing with a girl like that ?

She wears high heels , I wear sneakers
She's Cheer Captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along , so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by and waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know ?
Baby , you belong with me , you belong with me

Oh , I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're 'bout to cry
And I know your favorite songs and you tell me 'bout your dreams
Think I know where you belong ,think I know it's with me

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?
Been here all along ,so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by and waiting at your back door
All this time , how could you not know ?
Baby , you belong with me , you belong with me

You belong with me
Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me?
You belong with me ''

*****Song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift*****

Everybody was applausing. You were smiling ,then looked to Sasuke . He was staring at you . You get off the scene

Ino : Wow _____ !! You're amazing !!

Sakura : I agree with Ino .

Neji : What a voice ... amazing .

Gaara : We never knew you could sing so well ....

You : ''Your sisters voice -'' you were stopped by Temari's hand over your mouth .

Sasuke left . You looked to the ground . Your telephone began to ring . You go aside and answer it .

You : -Hello?-

Sasuke : -Hey ...-

You : -Sasuke ... about the song ...-

Sasuke :-It was beautiful . Who were you thinking about when you were singing it ?-

You : -Well ... I ... You ... No-one -

Sasuke : -Sure ?-

You : -Y-yeah ...-

Sasuke : - Look behind you ...- he said with a soft voice .

You trun around and see him . Your eyes get watery and you hug him . He hugged you back .

Sasuke : Sure?

You : ''I was thinking of you ...'' you mumbled in his chest .

He smiled .He held your chin and raised your head so your eyes met . He took out of his pocket the necklace he gave you earlier .

Sasuke : Karin told me that she stole the necklace from you when you were trying on the yukata for the festival .

You :That ...

He put the necklace around your neck . You fingered it .

Sasuke : I love you .

You stared at him,shocked . You smiled and blushed .

You : ''I love you too .'' you said as you looked to the sky .

Fireworks were launched . You looked with admiration to them .They were so colorful . You leaned on Sasuke  and he grabbed your waist . You put your head on his chest . He leans towards you and kisses you .

You thinking : It's always said that the 3rd time is lucky .

You kissed him back . You didn't notice Temari and Shikamaru spying on you .

Temari : Awww , ...they're so cute .

Shikamaru : ''Mhm'' he said as he nodded . ''But how will Naruto and Kiba react ?'' he asked confused .

Temari started to laugh . You could hear her laugh so you broke from the kiss . You grabbed Sasuke's hand and went a lil bit further from the 2 spies .

Temari : Where'd they go ?

Shikamaru : Your luagh sent them off .

Shikamaru got slapped by Temari .Then he grabbed her waist .

Shikamaru : ''I'm glad you're my girlfriend'' he said as he kissed her .

Temari : We owe it to _______ . She made us go out in the first place .

Shika : ''Yeah ... I was to nervous to tell you ,and you were to shy .'' he said as he sat down .

Temari sat down on his lap .They both watched the fireworks together. You and Sasuke were walking throught the small shops ,playing games ,but you were doing it just to spend the time together .

Sakura : Look ! _____ and Sasuke!

Kiba : What ? I'm going to kill that mutt.

Naruto : Oh no ... Why? *sobsob*

Ino : ''I'm happy for them'' she said as she hugged Sai .

TenTen was to busy because she was tickled by Neji .

Your phone rings .

Temari : -______ *hick up* . I think *hick up* we gotta go *hick up* home ...-

You : -You got drunk ?-

Shika : -Yeah ... She wanted a bottle of water but the waiter gave her a bottle of sake ...-

You : -Bring her to the car , I'll drive home .-

Shika : -OK ... sorry for being so troublesome ...-

You : -Naah , ... it's OK ...- you said as you closed the phone . ''Girls ,you coming at my place ?'' you asked the rest of the girls .

Hinata : Sure
Sakura : Of course!
Ino  : Haha , sure thing.
TenTen : OK!

The girls kissed their boyfriends and left . Sasuke came with you to the car .

You : Sasuke ? ...

Sasuke : Yeah ?

You : You're still staying out with the guys ,right ?

Sasuke : I dunno ....

You : ''I'm going to take care of Temari ... it seems she got too drunk ,again '' you said as you sighed

He laughed . You smiled . You could see Shikamaru waving so you waved back .

Sasuke : You're driving ,right ?

You : Of course ... I don't want to risk my life .

Sasuke : But if she'll go  ....I dunno , ... a litlle bit crazy ?

You stared at him . He was right . You facepalmed yourself .

Sasuke : I can drive and you stay with Temari in the back .

You : I don't want to distrub you ...

Sasuke : Who said you're disturbing me ?

Shikamaru placed Temari in the back and you sat next to her .Sasuke got in the car ,on the driver's seat . Shikamaru sat next to him .

Shika : So ... you and ______ ?

Sasuke : Yeah ....

You : ''Are we going ?'' you asked panicked .

The 2 men turn at you . They see Temari trying to undress you . Sasuke's nose started to bleed .

Sasuke : Let's hurry then .

In 30 minutes you arrive at your apartement . Shika picks Temari up , wedding like . Sasuke help you get out the car . He gave you a piggyback ride .You started to laugh at his action .

You unlocked the door and got in . He put you down .

Temari : ''Why can I see 2 darlin's ?'' she asked ,still drunk .

Shika : Oh Temari .... no more sake's for you ...

He placed her on your bed .

Shika : Let's go Sasuke .

You : Aren't you hungry guys?

Shika : No ...
Sasuke : Me neither .

They both said ,but their stomach growled . They both blush

Shika : Maybe a bit ...
Sasuke : Ugh ...

You prepared some tomato soup . The 3 of you started to eat . Sasuke smiles and you smile back . Shika smiled at the 2 of you .

Shika : You 2 are really a good match .

Sasuke : W-well ...

You were blushing so hard ,you started to eat faster .

Sasuke : Thank you for the meal .

You : Already ?

Sasuke : It was TOMATO soup .

You : oooh yeah .

You giggled . You and Shika also finished . Before they left you and Sasuke kissed .

You go to Temari . You start to stroke her . The rest of the girls come in .

Sakura : Is she OK ?

You : Yeah ,she's sleeping ....

Ino : Thank God .

You : Hinata ! Tomorrow you and Naruto will make up !

Hinata : W-what ?

You : You heard me .... Now let's go to sleep ... I'm too tired .

TenTen : Don't forget that in the morning you've got to tell us everything that happened between you and Sasuke .

Ino : With details!

You : Why dont you want me to draw the scenes ?

Sakura : That'd be a good idea .

The girls start laughing . You all take a shower then go to sleep .

^^Hope you enjoyed *sorry for being soooo long*
Hope you like ^^

P a r t . 1 : [link]

P a r t . 2 : [link]

P a r t . 3 : [link]

P a r t . 4 : [link]

P a r t . 5 : you are here :heart:

* Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto :iconmasashikishimotoplz:
* I don't own picture . Picture is from here -->[link]
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I found gaara badass at first then I found him as adorable red panda
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XDDD Maybe . You know which couple seems weird ...GaaLee XD What do u thnk ? XD
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