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... The party continues . You all play for another 2 hours and get tired.
    ''What's the time?'' Temari asks
    ''12 o'clock...''  you say .
    ''I think it's time to go to bed.'' Rock Lee said.
    ''Girls in a room , boys in another.'' TenTen said.
    ''And where's all the fun?'' you asked.
    They all start laughing. Then Hinata takes you and the rest of the girls to a room and the boys to another room . She then came in the girls room .
   ''I'm going to take a shower now.'' you said.
   You go to the bathroom . When you get in you realize somebody was in the shower.It was Sasuke. He saw you.
   ''Wanna take a shower together?'' he asked.
   ''N-no ...'' you said while you were trying to hide your blush.
    He then got out.
   You throw a towel at him while shouting ''COVER UP!!!'' .He approaches you ,and you where going backwards . Then you stop in front of a wall. He grabbes your arm and throws you in the shower. You got up ,soaking wet.
   ''Outta here,you perv!!'' you shouted while you pushed him out of the bathroom. Everybody got out the rooms .They all saw you .
   ''Oh crap!'' you say.Sakura and Ino where glancing at you. ''No, ... Nothing happened,I swear.'' you say afraid. To protect you from being hit,Sasuke went and kissed the girls ,just to convince them that nothing happened.
    ''He amazingly protected me...'' you say . ''Jeez ... he's trying too much.'' you think.You get a shower. When you were drying your body , you saw a letter in front of the door. ''Hmm , what's this?'' you ask .You open the letter and read it with loud voice ''Dear _____,after everybody is asleep,come in the livingroom.I've got a surprise for you there. With love , your secret lover ♥''. ''A guy who loves me ?who is that?'' you ask confused. Then you have a weird feeling .''Sasuke ... I really hope it's not him'' you say. You get out of the bathroom . You go in the girls room and started to dry your hair . After you dry your hair ,somebody throws a pillow at you .
     ''Huh? You girls are bored?'' you ask
     ''Yes we are !!'' They all answered.
     ''Let's go to the boys then ...'' you said while you were rushing to the door .
     ''No way!'' Ino said .The she grabbed you and pushed you on the floor. ''Let's see if you tickle.'' she said.
     ''No please don't!'' you say.
     All the girls came to you and started to tickle you .
    ''Ahaha ,nooo, stoop ,ahahaha'' you tried to say while you were laughing .
    The boys could hear the laughs. They were curious .They went to the wall and started to listen . They realized it was your laugh . You suddenly shout ''Don't tickle there!!'' which made some of them nosebleed.
    ''I really want to know what's going on there!'' Naruto said.
    ''I agree with Naruto!'' Kiba and Sasuke said.
    ''Maybe if I send some bugs in ...'' Shino said (it was the first time he talked during the whole party)
    ''YES!!'' all the boys shouted .
    Shino sent an insect and everything the insect saw ,Shino saw too. He used a jutsu so all the boys could see what the bug was seeing.They saw you lying on the floor. You were laughing .
    ''Let's start a pillow fight !!'' Sakura said.
    You all take a pillow and start playing . Without knowing ,Hinata hit the bug and the bug landed on your breast . The boys could see it .
    ''_____-chan ....'' TenTen. ''What's that on your breast?'' she asked.
    When you look you saw the bug . ''Hinata,you have bugs in the house .'' you said.When you looked closer you realized it was Shino's bug . You then go to the boys room ,slam the door and see all the boys having their noses bleeding .
    ''So Shino ... explain!'' you told him while you showed him the bug .All the boys stare at you .None of them answered .You leave angry. ''Sheesh .... they're so .... PERVS!'' you say.
     Later that night you sneaked in the living room . There you meet ------ (The boy you like,don't forget there are also some Akatsuki members too ).
     ''W-what are you doing here?'' you asked him .
     ''I'm 'your secret lover' '' he replied .
      You blushed .''Why did you call me here?'' you asked
     ''Cause I want to sleep with you...'' he said ,while he puts his arms around you .
     You snuggle in his chest .He was warm . You look around the livingroom and see he prepared a place for the 2 of you.You lie down.He lies down very close to you . He suddenly asked you ''Do you love me?'' .
     You were speechless. The you answer him ''I do ...,do you love me?''
     ''Of course I do ... why do you think I wanted to spend my night with you ?...'' he said.
     You were tired . All the tickling and pillow fighting made you tired . *yaaawn*.He looks at you and kisses your forehead.
     ''Before you fall asleep I want to tell you something....'' he said. You got up but you were so tired, you fell asleep. While asleep you fall towards him and ...your lips met .He was shocked .
     ''She's asleep'' he thought but he kissed you back . After staying like that for a while you fall down ,sleeping.
    ''Hmm ,she's cute...'' he said .He touched his lips saying ''I wanted to thank you for accepting to sleep with me.'' he whispered .

    Next morning you wake up first. You see everybody staring at you and ------- .
    ''Uaaaa!'' you shout
    ''Good morninng to you too.'' Sakura said. She was staring at you and asked ''Had a nice sleep?'' . You blushed ,looking at ------. He also woke up and saw everyone .
    ''Good morning'' he said.
    ''Hey .'' the boys said. ''What the heck were YOU doing here with _____-chan?'' they all asked angry .
    ''Sleeping , .... you jealous?'' he asked .
    They were all burning of jealousy .
    The rest of the day everybody helped at cleaning Hinata's house.

     It was evening and ------ offered to walk you home.You gladly accept . You arrive at your house.
     ''Ummm ,_____,I wanted to thank you for last night. '' he said .
     ''*blush* N-no problem ...'' you say
     ''Oh , and thank you for the kiss...'' he said while scratching his head.
     ''Huh ?Kiss? When ? '' you were all blushing , and closed your eyes because you didn't want to look in his eyes . Then  you feel something on your lips . You slowly open your eyes . You eyes widen. He was kissing you . You break the kiss.
    ''_____-chan ,I  confessed to you last night and wanted to ask you something but you fell asleep ...'' he said.
    ''If you want to ask me something you can do it now...'' you said , still a bit shocked , but smiling
    ''Do you want to go out  with me tomorrow?'' he asked.
    ''Like a date?'' you ask .
    ''Umm ... if you don't want to call it a date then it's just for fun ...'' he said.
    You kiss him and tell him ''But I want it to be a date. ''
    He smiled .'' Okay then .... I'm pickin' you up at 7 p.m. ,tomorrow'' he said''
   ''I'll be waiting ...'' you replied .

  At the date he asked you to be his grilfriend . You accepted . You were the happiest girl in the world starting from that day . You 2 were inseparable and always enjoyed his company . And every night , before you fell asleep ,he was showing up at your window ,you were getting out of the bed just to open it and hear him telling you ''I love you ''  .
The last part .... The Final :iconfinallyplz:
Hope you ejoyed all of them
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: you're here :heart:

*Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto :iconmasashikishimotoplz:
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i picked Kiba IT FIT PERFECTLY!!
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I knew it! Well also Kiba OFC! :iconsweetsmileplz: Who else? :XD:
Hot Kiba pictures:
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:iconiloveitplz: He' toooo hot :iconsqweeplz:
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