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May 10, 2012
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    ''Hmmm ...why did I accept doing this ?'' you think . This morning Sakura asked you if you wanted to go to the party she was having.Though you didn't want to go ,you had to accept because Sakura is your BFF.

     You arrive there 15 minutes earlier. Sakura asks you if you can help her with the decorations .You accept . After putting the decorations in the rooms you hear the bell ring .Sakura was too busy cooking so you go and answer it.

     ''This is the perfect chance for me to run from this party'' you think. You didn't want to come in the first place so best thing was to leave. When you open the door you see Naruto and Sasuke .You try to run but you failed ,.... Sasuke and Naruto grabbed your arms and pulled you back in while you were pouting . They tie you to a chair . Sasuke leans and whisperes in your ear ''Don't try to run ... I want to play with you tonight.'' he says. You blush and kick him .
     ''YOU PERVEEEEERT!!'' you shout. Sakura heard you shouting so she rushed in the livingroom .
     ''Oi,what you doing to _____-chan?''  she asks
     ''She tried to run...'' Naruto answered
     ''Not again...'' she sighed

    ''Naruto,Sasuke...'' Sakura grabbed them and took them to the kitchen '' we've got to make sure she doesn't run ... I mean she's our friend .... we've got to have fun together'' she said. They both nodded.
    Meanwhile , you were cutting the rope you were tied up with a kunai. ''Freedom!!'' you say. You walk silently to the door . Just when you wanted to open it somebody tapped your shoulder . ''Not Sakura,not Sakura,not Sakura...'' you were praying . When you turn around it was Naruto .
    ''Thank God ....'' you say.
    He uses the clone jutsu and takes you in the kitchen.
    ''_____-chan!!'' Sakura yelled at you in the kitchen
    ''I hate you Naruto'' you thought. ''I promise I won't try to run away anymore'' you say while pouting.
    ''Don't forget what you said.'' Sasuke said .He was standing at the door. You pouted and turned your head around. He smirked.''Believe me , you'll enjoy this party '' he said while staring at your body *nosebleed* .
    ''Tsch .... you're such a prev ....'' you tell him.

    *Ding dong* The door bell rang. You went to answer it . ''NO RUNNING AWAY'' you heard Sakura shouting. ''Yes,yes'' you reply. You open the door and the ones standing in front of you were Kiba,Sai,Neji,Gaara and his siblings ,Ino,Hinata and Shikamaru.
    ''Come in guys'' you tell them .''Please let me show you where to put your things.'' you say
    ''______-chan!!You still here?'' Sakura shouts.
    ''Yes ,yes!!'' you shout back .
    ''This is so troublesome'' Shikamaru says. ''You were trying tu run again.''
    ''Hmph .... ''
    ''You're such a party pooper'' Sai says
    ''Am NOT!!!'' you say. ''Tonight I'm gonna proove you that I like parties ....'' you say
    ''We shall see ....'' someone whispered in your ear .It was Sasuke .
    ''Kyaaaaa! Hands off!'' you shout. *shiver,shiver* ''Never-do-that-again.'' you tell him
    ''You never know what will happen with him around'' Gaara said.
    ''Gaara is sooo hot '' you think .''Well ,he's the Kazekage ,though ....''
     You were intrrerupted by the door bell . You answer it and at the door were Itachi ,some Akatsuki members,Shino ,Ten-Ten,Lee and Chouji
     ''Akatsuki members??'' you ask
     ''Ahaha .... long story '' Sakura says
     ''So we meet again'' Sasuke says while glancing at Itachi.
     ''No arguing tonight. Just fun tonight.'' you say . But you had a secret :you left the window open in the bathroom so that when everybody wasn't paying attention you could run.
     ''What shall we start with ?'' Pain asks.
     ''Let's play truth of dare.'' Sasuke said. ''_____!!I dare you to kiss me'' he said.
     ''The game didn't start and no .... I'm not kissing you!'' you said. ''Time to put my plan in action'' you think .''Guys,I'm going to the toilet '' you say.
      ''OK....'' everybody answers , not even remembering that you were trying to run away just a while ago
      ''I love toilets ,.... best places you can escape from'' you say when you close the door.
      ''Hey sweetie ....'' someone said.
      You turn around . You gasp . Just before you knew it you were pushed on wall ,with Sasuke right in front of you . As he was coming closer ,while you took some steps backwards .... then he put his hand on the wall so you stop. He was so close ....way too close.
      ''Sasuke know I don't like you '' you say
      ''I know ....and that's what I like about you '' he said while he showed his famous smirk.
      ''Hnn .... Y-you know .... if you're going to try to kiss me I'll ....''
      ''You'll ?....'' he asked.
      ''I'll kick your ass... '' you said .
      He started to get closer and closer . ''S-Sa .... Sasu -.... ke '' you say. He grabbed your breast . '' Hnn...'' this noise comes out of your mouth . ''WTH am I doing '' you think . ''Stop Sasuke'' you tell him . He backs off .''If this is what you want'' he says.

      You go in the livingroom. You start to play . First go was Kankuro and ..... YOU.
      ''Truth or dare?'' he asks .
      ''Truth'' you reply .
      ''Hmmmm .... ah , ... which guy out of this room do you like? '' he asks
      *Blush* ''Well ....ummm .... *pause* No one '' you say while you turned your head around .
      The game continues like this for 1 hour. Next thing was watching a movie . Eveyone chose Friday 13. At the middle of the movie you start to get scared. Kiba puts his hands around your waist . You snuggle on his chest . You clech your fist and then ,when a scary image appeared,you hid your face in his blouse .
       You enjoyed the movie .... especially the company during it .

     Next game was 10 minutes in heaven .

*For this I'm going to make a part 2 whith every character and you doing ''10 minutes in heaven'' because I think everyone has a fave character . Hope you enjoyed part 1  ^^
Uaaa~ My first fanfic ^^ Hope you enjoy >3< :iconiloveitplz:

Part 1 :you are here :heart:
Part 2 :[link]
Part 3 :[link]

*Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto :iconmasashikishimotoplz:
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KooriTora Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Oh yes the fun the joy the oddness of being a ninja on to part two
wildcat4419 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013   Traditional Artist
snuggles with Kiba! yayz
DeathnoteChickx Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
kat323 Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i don't exactly like sasuke
and some other stuf that i don't that i don't remeber i think...
haha nice~~
AmethystBlossom Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
OH DEAR GOD! I'M SO INTO THIS STORY! :iconiheartitplz: especialy that part where I snuggled with kiba aaaaaaaaaaaaaa *______* :D
hihi ,... There are also part 2 & 3 =D
AmethystBlossom Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I know! *O* :D
NaomiGower Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
AHAHAHAHA The first beginning part was me and then when it got to kiba it was my cousin :iconakatem: !!!! XDDDD I just put the name Zina in there and it was awesome... except for the sasuke rape....EW.
XDD ... You're cousins =D Uaaa~ that's great ;) I'm talking to her all the time :iconyaayplz: *I made Sasuke a bit pervish XDD ..sorry if you don't like him :iconpervynarutoplz:
NaomiGower Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahah it is fine... lol...I laughed so hard..considering my OC hates his guts....
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